"The nature of what we do attracts the best and the brightest from all corners of this campus."

-Danielle Lay, Portfolio Advisor

Thank You for Your Interest in Applying to Student Holdings.

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Interested in applying to Student Holdings for the next recruitment cycle? Take a look at the positions that we usually hire for:


Finance Managers oversee and promote the financial health of their respective portfolio company. From thorough analysis of financial reports, including income statements, balance sheets, and individual product and service trackers, to projections and budgeting, Finance Managers drive analytical insights and decision making that ultimately shapes how and why our businesses operate the way they do.


Marketing Managers are creative and insightful, driving our portfolio companies’ branding and outreach efforts. Marketing plays a critical role in growing our businesses, responsible for everything from social media campaigns to market research analyses.


Operations Managers organize and oversee the day-to-day business activities, ensuring our companies run smoothly. From organizing employees to coordinating with suppliers, our ops teams are responsible for making our processes as efficient and effective as possible.


Ambitious and resourceful, our sales managers are responsible for pursuing leads and closing deals. Sales Managers work directly with prospective and current clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their needs and behaviors, strengthening our businesses’ relationships with the communities we serve.


As a Tech Manager, you’ll work at the intersection of business and technology, honing your development skills and working on projects that impact daily business operations. Our tech team is responsible for creating websites and developing software to optimize our business processes and performance.